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When The Gypsies Were Jews

For centuries it was assumed that the Gypsies were of Indian origin, with only linguistics as a foundation for academia’s claim. This book, written By a Romani Gypsy, provides the answer to the many mysteries which surround the Romani people and their true origin. From DNA, to Gypsy law, culture and traditions, to the study […]

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The Gypsy ‘Menace’: Populism and the New Anti-Gypsy Politics

The Gypsy ‘Menace’: Populism and the New Anti-Gypsy Politics, Edited by Michael Stewart, Published by Hurst. Across Europe, Roma and Gypsies are suffering increasing intolerance and hostility. The social and economic shifts of the last thirty years, the resurgence of populist politics, and a noticeable increase in inter-ethnic violence and hate crimes has shaped the […]

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Genocide Revealed: New Light on the Massacre of Serbs and Jews under Hungarian Occupation

The untold story of the massacre named “Razzia” (Raid) which took place in January 1942, committed by the Hungarian Nazi forces in an occupied part of northern Serbia – Backa. This book unveils the most important details of the massacre, implicating the Hungarian regent (governor) Miklos Horthy. Besides murdering Serbs, Jews and Roma, Horthy had […]

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New Roma Communities in England

The New Roma Communities in England, a Strategic Guide for Directors and Senior Management is now available. It has been published by European Dialogue. “This guide has been produced at the request of many officials working in local authorities working with Roma and on Roma issues, primarily for the benefit of those who employ staff […]

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Gypsy Traveller Folk Tales

24 traditional tales and 4 poems from the Traveller culture – England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland. Wonderfully illustrated with over 40 line drawings by Romany artist Amaletta. Meet Smallbones, Connor who just can’t get it right, and a host of adventures from the Traditional Jack. What happens to Bridget and the fairies, what’s special about […]

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    GRTHM started in Brent in 2001. With endorsement from Parliament in 2007 GRTHM went national in 2008 and is now celebrated throughout the UK each June.

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