Romani Literature, Identity… and You

A charity benefit by Trafika Europe to support the European Roma Rights Centre with an evening of new Roma writing, art, performance and roundtable discussion moderated by BBC correspondent Nick Thorpe and special guest UK poet George Szirtes.

Trafika Europe is a new initiative to showcase literature from across Europe in fresh English translation. For this event, we are partnering with the European Roma Rights Centre (, to host this event showcasing new Romani literature, at:

Conway Hall in London, on Sunday, June 16th, from 7:00 pm.

The event is a charity benefit to support the ERRC, and will include readings, performance, a modest art auction, and a roundtable discussion on Roma identity in Europe. Writers participating in the event include the top UK/Roma poet and translator David Morley, and Canadian-Bosnian Roma poet, novelist and journalist, Hedina Sijerčić, and work from several others in English translation will also be featured. The roundtable will be moderated by BBC news correspondent for Central Europe, Nick Thorpe, and will include ERRC Executive Director Dezideriu Gergely. Our special guest participant in the roundtable is T.S. Eliot Prize-winning UK poet George Szirtes, who has just won the Best Translated Book Award for 2013.

The event is a charity fundraising benefit for the ERRC. We will also make a DVD of the event with additional educational material added as a tool for Roma cultural groups, advocacy and policy-makers.

At Trafika Europe we want to help renew the role of literature in nudging along the European conversation in culture, introduce new voices, and create a kind of “community of communities”. In cultivating an attractive space for it, we hope that a vision of greater cooperation, mutual regard and community in European letters will continue to grow of its own accord.

Key features of the new Trafika Europe will include the following:

·      excerpts of new works, reviews and essays in our online journal;

·      literary news, festival coverage and event listings from around Europe;

·      recommended reads, with links for purchasing works online,

·      …and introducing a great new innovation, Europe’s first online literary radio station!

 Trafika Europe Radio

Trafika Europe will stream literary interviews and performances as well as play “literary” music from all over, cover events, and host listener- and partner-produced shows. Listen to your favorite authors, catch up on events around Europe, and tune in for some of the best new writing from across the continent!

Trafika Europe is set for launch at the end of 2013, and is the successor to Trafika Press, Inc. We published the quarterly print journal Trafika, out of Prague and New York, of new fiction and poetry from around the world in fresh English translation in the 1990s. All work was published for the first time in English, and special emphasis was placed on introducing the work of writers who were unknown or little-known to an English-language readership.

In seven issues, Trafika published the work of over 120 authors writing in over 30 languages. Contributors included: Czeslaw Milosz, Tomaz Salamun, Natasza Goerke, Don DeLillo, Mohammed Choukri, Ales Debeljak, Anna Swir, Gyorgy Konrad, Peter Nadas, Denis Johnson, Uche Nduka, Eleni Sikelianos, Yusef Komunyakaa, Martin M. Simecka, Hanoch Levin, Tor Ulven, Ilona Lackova, and Javiar Marias.

Trafika Europe is presently a program of the Dazzling Spark Arts Foundation, a UK not-for-profit organization supporting and encouraging excellence in the arts in service to humanity.

As part of our pre-launch activity, we are partnering with the ERRC to host this charity event in London on June 16th.

Advance tickets for this event can be purchased at the Trafika Europe website. Whether or not you can attend, you are also invited to visit the fundraising campaign for this event, in support of Roma rights and literature in Europe.



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