Balkanika Britannika


Special guests: Tatcho Drom, Nicola Burnett-Smith, Mark Glanville and more

Balkanika Britannika is a celebration of Balkan Gypsy music, transformed by creative London musicians into a new style of art music. Gypsy music, steeped in tradition, has meandered its way to Europe from as far as India. Inspired by the magnificent heritage, Balkanika Brittanika will feature fresh arrangements and compositions which stay true to the traditional values, while adding classical, local and contemporary elements and the love and passion of 50 London performers.

Balkanika Britannika is hosted by the London Gypsy Orchestra which is at the very heart of this movement. Led by violin virtuosos Gundula Gruen, the giant Gypsy ensemble comprises of 45 musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds; their repertoire is as eclectic as their performances are energetic.

The London Gypsy Orchestra has been contributing their incomparable music to London’s music scene for seven years, and made its name as the biggest ensemble of this kind in western Europe, moving their audiences in many sell-out concerts in London and around the UK to tears and laughter.

 Special Guests:

Tatcho Drom explore the musical heritage of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, creating innovative arrangements and compositions; their powerful live performances range from nuanced and subtle to virtuosic and brilliant, a unique and multi-faceted repertoire for attentive listeners.

Mark Glenville: An extraordinarily diverse singer whose repertoire stems from classical opera and extends to Yiddish song and Italian Pizzica.

Nicola Burnett-Smith, actor, singer and musician, has appeared on stage and screen in all manner of productions as soloists as well as with bands and orchestras all over the UK, from contemporary opera to Gypsy music via jazz musicals.

Union Chapel, Compton Avenue, London N1 2XD ,

17th November 2012

7:30 PM

Doors open at 7:00 pm

Tickets £13/£9 Concessions


More information

eventsdotlgoatgmaildotcom – 07531517251


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