A Moment in Time Competition

The competiton was held for children as part of Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month 2011. Children were invited to create a piece of work – a story, poem, painting, photograph, or even a piece of music or song – that captured a moment in Gypsy, Roma and Traveller culture or history.

The competition was administered by the National Association of Teachers of Travellers and Other Professionals (NATT+).

The Results

Foundation Stage

1st Quentin Doran: The Coombes Primary Berks

2nd Mary Nicholson: Northwood Primary Darlington

3rd Luke Foster: Northwood Primary Darlington

Highly Commended

Alfie Ward: St Teresa’s Darlington

Lucie Ward: Dodmire School Darlington

Jim Price: Northwood Primary Darlington

Whole Class: Harefield Infants Middlesex

Key Stage 1

1st Downey McKenzey: Northwood Primary Darlington

2nd Denny Burnside: Heathfield Primary Darlington

3rd Philip Plews: St Teresa’s Darlington

Highly Commended

Lavinia Foster: Northwood Primary Darlington

Henry Gaskin: Dodmire School Darlington

Evelieu Lendvei: Old Bank School Mirfield

Key Stage 2 year 3/4

1st Aisha Adams: Fairlight Primary Brighton

2nd Jimmy Ross: Bevendean Primary Brighton

3rd Jerard Casey: Carden Primary Brighton

Highly Commended

Michael-Brian Clarke: All Saints Primary Wokingham

Kevin Lendvai: Old Bank School Mirfield

Tomas Lendvai: Old Bank School Mirfield

Angel Smith: South Malling Primary East Sussex

Emma Jarvis: St Albans Gateshead

Key Stage 2 year 5/6

1st Liliana Voros: Old Bank Sch Mirfield

2nd Jhonny Lamb, Robert Lamb, Jim Bell: Winslow CE Buckinghamshire

3rd Jim Wilson: Dodmire Sch Darlington

Highly Commended

Cliffie Clarke: All Saints Primary Wokingham

Mitchell Welch: Northwood Primary Darlington

Jim Ward: St Teresa’s Darlington

Katherina Akintelune: Winsor Pr Beckton

Jamie Martin: Selby Community School, Selby

Megan Baker: Selby Community School, Selby

Key Stage 3

1st Pennie Barton: Hailsham CC East Sussex

2nd Lily Doe: Hailsham CC East Sussex

3rd Joseph Barter: Harefield Academy Middlesex

Highly Commended

Shane Foster: The Headlands Darlington

Key Stage 4

1st William Barter: Harefield Academy Middlesex

2nd Katie Ripley: Willingdon Community School East Sussex

3rd Holly Goldsmith: Willingdon Community School East Sussex

Highly Commended

Cainenisha and Angel Lee: Redruth School Cornwall

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    GRTHM started in Brent in 2001. With endorsement from Parliament in 2007 GRTHM went national in 2008 and is now celebrated throughout the UK each June.

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