The Gypsy Crown

by Kate Forsyth

Available in Waterstones book shops £7.99 published by Scholastics (in the 9 – 12 section children’s section) – suitable for KS2 and KS3

A great new book  – an adventure story about a Gypsy family, the journey of 2 Gypsy children trying to save their family, with a historical setting (life when Cromwell was in power) and giving an insight into Gypsy culture and the persecution of Travelling people.

Living under the tyrannical rule of Oliver Cromwell, the Finch family, a tribe of Gypsies, are flung in jail with only three weeks to live. Two young cousins, Emilia and Luka, manage to escape. They find themselves entrusted with the task of recovering the five lucky charms that, once united, it’s hoped will restore the Finch family’s good luck…

Also availableScholastic £7.99Amazon £5.99Google – Kate Forsyth author information, Teacher’s notes Goes very well with Newham’s Travelling people pack – Time Line and activityA great individual as well as whole class read

Teaching Suggestions – KS2/KS3

  • Look at the front cover- as a class or individually, brainstorm predictions of what you think the book will be about. Write brainstorming ideas as a spidergramme, bullet point notes or two minute writing task (there are no right or wrong answers)
  • This story is about a journey – what important journey have you made? Discus your journey with a talk partner.
  • What great journey’s can you think of in history, another book you have read or in a film?
  • Travelling People pack – working in small groups answer the questions in the Time Line activity.
  • PHSE – linked with whole class reading of ‘The Gypsy Crown, consider why Gypsies have been persecuted throughout history. Have you heard any stories about real-life Gypsies? If so, how were the Gypsies portrayed, what do you think about this?
  • ICT – research 1642-1653 English History, Oliver Cromwell, Puritans and Gypsies
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